Cold Black River began...

In the late fall of 2013.

"Heavy rock ‘n’ roll requires subtlety to stand out from the masses. The doomier, gloomier, and more stoned it gets, the more important it is to have finesse. Cold Black River’s new record, the slyly titled Tales of Death & the Devil, sits at the head of the class of recent stoned releases because of this very quality. With Tales of Death & The Devil, Cold Black River delivers layered and loud tone. They fire off riffs with rage and stunning solos. CBR takes on the heavy and the loud by supplying sonic grace and amplitude, allowing it to become something refined and redefined. The sound breathes, lurking with menace from around dark corners, bloodied knife in hand, ready to stab. This record is Michael Myers coming home on Halloween. It stomps steadily forward, riff after riff, track after track. You can run but CBR will always catch you, and when they do, God have mercy."

Timothy Lovecraft